End of May post!

Today is the start of the last part of the BRMC tour (Las Vegas), and I’m finally going to see them (and my friends) again in person! Unfortunately, Europe is out for me since I haven’t renewed my passport in awhile and I have a busy schedule of Anime Expo and Evo2k again this year.

I haven’t done a big summer festival in awhile and I’m not too sad about that. They are really tough to plan for, expensive, and often difficult to endure depending on the weather. FYF’s line-up seemed great this year, but who knows how hot it could get by end of August.

Anyways, I don’t really know anyone who wants to go to those events with me and many previous attempts have failed. Oh well, I probably need new friends.


Red Thread of Fate

redthreadLast week, after many years – I re-watched an anime series called Tenchi in Tokyo. In interesting part of the story was the inclusion of the red thread of fate (a.k.a. red string of fate). “According to this myth, the gods tie a red cord around the ankles of those that are to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way.” This is the Chinese version of it, the Japanese version has it around their little finger – which is how Tenchi in Tokyo depicted it.

Relationships are not easy and they don’t always last. For years, it seemed like no one in my life would ever stick around long enough to get to know me or would be my friend. And for years, I felt that I had no friends. When I did start making friends again and losing them, I decided that I can’t be friends solely by the fact that some people happened to be in the same place at the same time. There has to be something else that keeps them in my life. With the internet, people can stay connected over long distances better – though there are other things that bond people together. Perhaps these are the red threads that we don’t see.


2013: The Road Ahead

My life has gotten into a nice routine where the annual events I’m looking forward to in the summer are expected and are combining with the rarer events (BRMC tour/new album) to make for an extremely busy year. I’m going to attend Anime Expo and Evo again this year in July, all the BRMC shows in California (late April and early June) and the one in Las Vegas (late May). The way the California and Las Vegas shows are split up could probably end up with a lot more road travel than usual.

Alice + Olivia BikeI also recently got a very awesome Alice + Olivia bike from the Nieman Marcus + Target collection and I will attempt to ride it soon. This will only be around the neighborhood for occasional exercise, but I am excited to finally have a bike after many years of not riding one. My very first bike was a Strawberry Shortcake bike with training wheels and a white basket in front.  My new bike also has a basket, but it’s also very tall and super cute and colorful. The tall part worries me because I’m not tall and I haven’t ridden a bike in years.

The white tires also worry me because they would get dirty pretty easily, but I guess there’s not point in switching them out. I found a great deal on a dual suspension 21 speed bike for my boyfriend and so we will be enjoying some rides together around my neighborhood soon. Even at 70% off the original $500 price of my bike, his was still half the price of mine.  Though the great deal was 47% off through Amazon which is why I was so eager to get it.

Other plans for 2013: eat better, exercise more, read more, learn more, and the usual stuff. If you are interested in seeing my 2012 Year in Blogging, here’s the link: http://jetpack.me/annual-report/22760253/2012/


Anime Expo 2012

Another year, another Anime Expo… it was pretty cool, I went to some interesting panels: Gametrailer’s Pop Fiction, Steve Blum, Danny Choo, 21 Voice Actors, and Camilla D’Errico’s live painting panel. I went to some less interesting ones also, but for the most part, I was informed and entertained.

I watched a few anime series I hadn’t seen (toradora, Cat Planet Cuties), some other ones I’d seen a bit before (k-On,The Big O, Last Exile), and some older ones I’d never seen during the LaserDisc Marathon (Dragon Hunter Etain, Dominion Tank Police, a Studio Ghibli music video, etc.)  A couple weren’t even subtitled, but still pretty amusing.

On Sunday (Day 3), we unexpectedly became chaperones to a couple teenage girls, which was also kind of interesting. They actually watched the LaserDisc marathon as well, and it was funny to hear them say “What’s a VHS?” and the like. Watching their enthusiasm at people’s cosplay and continual need to take pictures with and hug any cosplay they liked was also amusing.

I was less frequently taking pictures this year, partly because I was using a camera that is not up to my usual standards (Panasonic Lumix series are usually my thing). Here are links to my collection of photos to this year’s AX:

AX 2012 Day 1
AX 2012
Day 1
9 photos
AX 2012 Day 2
AX 2012
Day 2
24 photos
21 Voice Actor Panel
21 Voice Actor
6 photos
Camilla D'Errico Live Painting
Camilla d’Errico
Live Painting
19 photos
AX 2012 Day 4
AX 2012
Day 4
5 photos