Hi there! I’m Liane: a writer, artist, Webmaster and this is my blog. I write about my interests: music, art, fashion, technology, web design, video games, career, and whatever I feel like writing about. I have a great boyfriend named Andrew and a cute cat named Kitty.

I took my first web design course in high school at ROP the summer between my junior and senior years, but only recently decided to make it a career. I earned a degree in Psychology in 2002 and minored in Classical Civilizations with a focus on Art History, but also took courses in Anthropology, Archaeology, Music History, and East Asian Languages and Cultures. Needless to say, it took me awhile to realize I wanted to do pursue web design.

I’ve been running my own websites since 2002 (most notably, my BRMC fansite), while writing music reviews for various websites (Losing Today, The Scenestar, Mish Mash Magazine), travelling, and then going back to school to study web design more seriously. In my pursuit of knowledge, I’ve studied many subjects and met many interesting people that I’m happy to have gotten to know.

In addition to blogging in a few different places, I occasionally write about fashion and style for Examiner.com. I also sell stuff on eBay and Amazon when I have the time or need to. In addition to web design and development, I have content writing, ecommerce, social media, and marketing experience. I am currently employed as a webmaster, but am open to freelance projects.

Click here to view my resume (PDF 64 kb)


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