Hotels that Rock (n’ Roll)

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Alright, all Stash partners rock, but some truly have a unique history with Rock n’ Roll. Grab your guitar, fire up the old tour bus and stay like rock-royalty. (And remember, trashing hotel rooms was never cool.)

“There are places I remember…”
Edgewater Hotel most certainly qualifies as a place to remember. Seattle’s only over-water hotel has played host to the Beatles, who famously fished from their room. For some, the memories are fuzzy: Led Zeppelin members have publicly disputed the details of their stays at this landmark (whatever happened, they are banned). Now it’s known not as a party destination, but a swanky oasis in the Emerald City.J108012 IFla-trb-seattle-edgewater-hotel-20140626-001

An upscale way to honor grunge
A quick walk from the Edgewater hotel is Hotel Max , a hip-hotel that celebrates Seattle’s musical past, present and future. But don’t think of tattered flannel, Hotel Max has a decidedly modern style. Request a…

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