RIDE Photos + Videos from the Fox Theater Pomona 4-14-15

RIDE @ Fox Theater Pomona

RIDE @ Fox Theater Pomona

I unexpectedly attended the Ride show at the Fox Theater in Pomona and being close up in the pit area, got some decent photos and even took some videos. I recorded “Twisterella,” “Drive Blind” (the first closing song before the 2 encores) and “Leave Them All Behind” (1st encore). Though I have seen Mark Gardener several times in the past, this was the first time I’d seen Ride and it was great! I’d only heard them on the radio and on record before.

Ride’s reunion was definitely a highly anticipated one (perhaps a logical step after Beady Eye called it quits) – and it seemed that many people in attendance were reuniting also. There were definitely more people I hadn’t seen in years than at most shows I’ve been to recently. The down side of being in the pit is the usual – beer being spilled on you, people moving in front of you, and setlist fights at the end (it’s just a piece of paper, folks).

Eagulls @ Fox Theater Pomona

Eagulls @ Fox Theater Pomona

I actually took a lot more photos than what I posted on Flickr, but for the sake of my Twitter account, narrowed it down to the top 11 photos (and 3:00 of a couple of the videos). Eagulls were a good opener, though I did occasionally worry the singer was having a seizure on stage. Despite that, they sounded great – very energetic. They reminded me of British Sea Power (who I already love).  I’d probably see them again if they came back in town.


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