Hello 2014!

I had my day in court this afternoon, mostly waiting in lines for my name (or typo name to be called out). Looks like I’m starting my year off with community service to reduce my failure to appear in court fine, and I hope it is more fun than it sounds (or how my boyfriend makes it sound, though I doubt he’s actually done any).

I know it’s not volunteering by choice, but I usually don’t mind giving my time to worthy causes when I have it (and I do!). I did plead “not guilty” to my original violation from Metrolink, but I think I have to take care of the community service and other stuff first. Anyways, this year could still be fun and exciting in spite of all this unpleasantness.

I decided to enroll in an online Computer Science course through edX, which should keep me busy if I can get through it. There’s even more online courses I want to take through Udacity and Courser… LifeHacker posted their LifeHacker U Spring 2014 list of courses, which is a nice place to start. Then I end up wanting to learn a bunch of random things like the Higgs Boson.

Thanks to a defunct Facebook game called Mad Scientist, I learned how to make my own Large Hadron Collider (though my crazy team’s spreadsheets are all that remains on that). Somehow I ended up on a team that had to be #1 (and was) and basically wanted me running my computer all day and night doing stuff for the game. It’s nice to be on a winning team, but sometimes, I’d just settle for top 5 or 10. I’m such a slacker.


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