Happy Rocktober!

Srocktoberheaderimg580pxhlkjdeptember was painful, wasn’t it? Well, no one likes going to school or returning to work from summer vacation and getting back into their routine, but if you’re anywhere near a good place for music – you are in for a treat.

Rocktober! Being a stone’s throw from LA has it’s advantages, for me: Travis, Culture Collide Festival (which has a ton of great bands from all over the world), The Raveonettes, and my all time favorites Black Rebel Motorcycle Club!

Aside from good music, there’s also Halloween time fun, which means haunted houses, scary movies, and the only socially acceptable time for slutty costumes!  Well, I doubt it’s not necessarily acceptable as it is common. I personally think a good costume never requires sluttiness to catch someones’ eye, but then again, I’m a prude (at least in my values). Excuse my modest sensibilities, flaunting your assets just seems to get the wrong kind of attention most of the time. I hate to say this, but no one wants to be blamed for how they dress if some sicko gets the wrong ideas.


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