Vestal Summer Party 2012

Me and Andrew attended this party last week. It was Magic Wands and Gliss playing at the Observatory (which used to be the Galaxy Theater). Alexander (who tour manages Magic Wands) said it’s the new hip concert venue in Orange County. It was the smaller room in front of the larger concert hall, but it was still quite roomy.

The bands were great, the crowd was… interesting, in a good and entertaining way, of course. The decor was unique, aliens and summer I guess. Overall, a really cool event. Some people might have gotten free sunglasses. I think drinks were free for VIPs, but I declined the VIP wristband since alcohol ain’t my thang.

Anyways, I forgot my camera and took a few phone pics of varying quality. There were plenty of pro photographers around, one actually told me where to find her photos of the event. Her site is

Here’s a link to a picture of me and Andrew the photographer took. Her camera lens was huge and her pictures are great and high quality images (as you’d expect from a pro photographer), much better than any cell phone picture.  Even so, here are some phone images (most are Instagramm’d, but some are not):


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