I just signed up for a website called that allows job seekers to create an infographic version of their resume based on information imported from LinkedIn. Since I am trying to get work in web design and/or front end development, I think it’s probably more impressive for me to create my own infographics.

Even so, this site is pretty cool and easy to use. The fact that it is interactive is nice too. It would be more impressive if I was actually working and had my own fancy websites to show for it, but I unfortunately don’t have a huge amount of work in my own portfolio.

This site is still a little buggy, I think they need some coding help or something. Otherwise, it’s a pretty cool way to visualize your work experience, skills, and interests without much effort. It may be a bad idea to show how much of my free time is spent on Facebook games, but it’s an interest that I may hope to incorporate in my future work. Unlikely, but you never know. Most of my free time is not spent as productively as I’d like, but that’s why it’s free time and not work time.


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