Eternal Rival



Ever since my boyfriend got into playing fighting games and meeting people in the community, I’ve done my best to be a good girlfriend by helping him acquire the most awesome T-shirt designs out there. Eternal Rival is a personal favorite of ours because they’re local, they’re funny, and they’re original.

This awesome Droids shirt is currently on sale for only $12.99 and it’s great. I got one for Andrew for regular price (which wasn’t bad either), so it’s worth getting while you can. Internet memes come and go, but fighting games are forever. Well, at least they’re longer lasting.

I remember going to Best Buy every day after school with my older brother to play Street Fighter 2 at the store. I wasn’t very good, but I mashed like no one’s business. For this reason, fighting games will always have a special place in my heart – just like Andrew has a special place there too.

Speaking of which, we’re celebrating our 2nd Anniversary sometime around the 19th. Technically, we have a lot of memorable dates: 9/9/09: we saw the Time Burton Movie 9 together, 9/18/09: first fancy dinner at Chili’s together, 9/21/09: first kiss (right after International Talk Like a Pirate Day) So it’s more like an anniversary week for us.


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