Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – I Am Not Willing

Today has been a slightly better day, but maybe also slightly worse. I got a message and email yesterday from a recruiter at a large computer company in Cupertino about a position I applied for several weeks ago. I was a bit in awe to find out that they actually wanted to speak to me, since I’ve put in many job applications there for positions I was and was not qualified for and this is the first time I’d heard anything from them. I was excited to get the messages and responded within minutes, leaving messages and an email back to the recruiter. I am still waiting to hear back from him, and trying to figure out how likely my chances of actually getting a job there might be.

To get my mind off the anticipation of a possible interview with a company I passed up Google for (long story, possibly not worth mentioning), I decided to focus my attention on a new article for – Eye on Kawaii: Cute, colorful fashion inspired by Japan. The new article is a listing of events, brands, and stores in the LA and Orange County area. It would be much longer if I went into detail about each thing I mentioned, I could have probably just written an in depth article on the events alone. Most of them were past already, which is why I chose to do a listing.  I could really go on and on about Tokidoki alone, which I believe is what I originally wrote about to get chosen as a Fashion Examiner. Maybe I’ll post that article next.

For those of you reading my blog because of BRMC, here’s something you might like. It’s a HOWL era b-side called “I Am Not Willing.” I wonder how it slipped by all these years without me even hearing the name?

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - I Am Not Willing

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – I Am Not Willing


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