Tokidoki Store Opening @ Santa Monica Place!

Yesterday was my first visit to an official Tokidoki store, I attended the grand opening of the Santa Monica location. There was a long line when me and my boyfriend got there at around 9:30 AM, but we managed to be numbers 67 and 68. We weren’t able to keep the little card they handed to us to let them know what number we were, but we got some nice cell phone pictures of the front and back of the cards:

Here’s a picture of the store front (as well as a random Asian girl who was standing there):

Tokidoki Store Opening - 58

The first display on the left when you enter the store:

Tokidoki Store Opening - 13

Check out this cool Tokidoki Christmas tree, complete with giant Ciao Ciao!

Tokidoki Store Opening - 14

All the Tokidoki Skate deck designs:

Tokidoki Store Opening - 16

Makeup counter with a fun holiday theme:
Tokidoki Store Opening - 17

Tokidoki Store Opening - 29

Bambino clothes for kids complete with Tokidoki Plushes:

Tokidoki Store Opening - 26

Sunglasses with cleaning cloths and jewelry display case:

Tokidoki Store Opening - 48

Cosmetic bags and my Tokidoki Manga/Black shoes:

Tokidoki Store Opening - 47

Newer bags on display:

Tokidoki Store Opening - 46

Cute Hello Kitty Unicorno skate deck, with pillowcase sets and shoes in the background:

Tokidoki Store Opening - 39

Even the carpet behind the cash register counter was done up with Tokidoki art!

Tokidoki Store Opening - 52

The watches are probably the most expensive items in the store:

Tokidoki Store Opening - 57

Awesome back wall art with custom store screen saver!

Tokidoki Store Opening - 55



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