BRMC @ SCMX 8-25-07

This was a good show, despite the sun and relative shortness of the set. BRMC played for about an hour from about 6 to 7 PM, just as the sun was going down. A lot of people were here including Nappi, Kimberly, Theresa, Dana and Dannielle, Sonia, Deniece and Collette, me, Jodi, and Suzanne, and even my brother and his friend Aaron. Here’s the setlist:

I took a ton of photos since I decided not to take video. Here are a few of the best ones:

After the show, we talked a little with Robert and Peter. Robert gave me a taco since he had 4 of them and I was one of the few carnivores there. Peter gave me a hug, but we didn’t really talk since there were so many other people around who wanted to talk to him. I did manage to get a picture with him (finally!). He looks miserable in it!


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