My first cavity

After 2 years of not seeing a dentist, I finally saw one today and learned that I had a cavity. One somewhat serious one and a few smaller ones actually. Though it must not have been that bad if the dentist took care of it that same afternoon without any anesthetics. It wasn’t painful at all, in fact, the cleaning was a bit more painful than the drilling and filling.

Anyways, now I can’t say I’ve never had a cavity. Though I did get a white filling, so you can’t even tell that I have one. I kind of wanted a silver one so I could see it, but then the office lady said I should get a white one since I didn’t have any already. It was a little more expensive, but probably better over all since it doesn’t contain mercury.

After my appointment, my brother took me to Goodwill and I found a nice Hydraulic brand denim jacket so I can have my own Canadian tuxedo. I also got a cool pair of Japanese black and white pajama pants and 2 pairs of shoes for 99 cents each! Thrift stores are so much fun with new things every day.


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