43 Songs, a.k.a. The Soundtrack of My Life: A Film for the Future

43 Songs, 23 categories, on 2 sides. Let me know what you think:

Side 1
1. me (3): Caesars “Fun & Games”, Ash “Girl From Mars”, Sleeper “What Do I Do Now?”
2. moods (2): Dubstar “Not So Manic Now”, B.R.M.C. “High/Low”
3. interests (2): Bjork “Human Behaviour”, Jimi Hendrix “Manic Depression”
4. Kitty: Takako Minekawa “Fantastic Cat”
5. brother (2): My Vitriol “Always Your Way”, Bjork “Army of Me”
6. procrastination (2): Suede “Lazy”, Charlatans “Can’t Get Out of Bed”
7. past/present (2): Idlewild “Self-Healer”, “A Film for the Future”
8. parents (2): Dogs Die In Hot Cars “I Love You ‘Cause I Have To”, XTC “Making Plans for Nigel”
9. travels: Blur “On Your Own”
10. education: XTC “Mayor of Simpleton”
11. doubts: XTC “Dear God”, B.R.M.C. “White Palms”

Side 2
1. friends (2): British Sea Power “Remember Me”, B.R.M.C. “Shade of Blue”
2. inspiration: Radiohead “Anyone Can Play Guitar”
3. So Cal (3): Moby (w/Gwen Stefani) “Southside”, B.R.M.C. “Down Here”, Raveonettes “Ode to L.A.”
4. infatuation (2): Real Tuesday Weld “(Still) Terminally Ambivalent Over You”, Talulah Gosh “Beatnik Boy”
5. lust (2): Catherine Wheel “I Want to Touch You”, Elastica “Stutter”
6. musicians (2): Heavenly “Cool Guitar Boy”, “Starshy”
7. sister: Chemical Brothers “Galvanize”
8. college (2): Lush “I’ve Been Here Before”, Echo & the Bunnymen “The Cutter”
9. jobs (2): Echo & the Bunnymen “Never Stop”, Avalanches “Since I Left You”
10. Christmas (2): Raveonettes “The Christmas Song”, The Three Wise Men (XTC) “Thanks For Christmas”
11. music: The Jesus & Mary Chain “Far Gone & Out”
12. depression (2): Garbage “Silence is Golden”, “Breaking Up the Girl”


3 thoughts on “43 Songs, a.k.a. The Soundtrack of My Life: A Film for the Future

  1. I love your soundtrack! I should make one, but I don’t think I have enough time. And your soundtrack reminds me that I bought a few XTC CDs the other day at the local Goodwill…I must dig them up and get to listening to them.

  2. So, are those just songs that move you or do the songs frame certain times and moments in your life. I love the way music does that. I could not live without it. Wow, dubstar, that is a name I have not heard in a while. The only song that I am really familiar with is Stars so I will have to check that out.Have a great day.P.S. I made some big announcments on my Blog today about the future and stuff along that line. I have been a posting fool today! I also did a podcast of the Demo album my band was working on when we imploded back in my Burlingame days. Probably not your style, but check it out.

  3. (((Liane)))I just had to come check on you … haven’t heard from you in awhile.You did get the code for the blog, didn’t you? It’s been ages … but I noticed the poor blog’s still broken :-(Anyway, I sent you the code awhile back … and if you ever lose it, it’s set up in the “Liane’s Test Blog” as well … so you can just get it from there.Miss ya,Take care,Darla

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